I'm pretty sure it would be a massacre if Sep 20 actually goes down cos the military don't give a damn. Or do they. I doubt millions will be making there way down. EVen so. US military will round up troops miles before anyone can breach it. There is no way it is gonna get overrun with everyday people, they can't get passed the immense amount of security let alone surviving the long journey across the desert, but the thought is nice. ANd on that day me and everyone else not heading to Area 51 will probably be watching livestreams of a gathering at the area 51 checkpoint. Im 99% sure nobody is gonna get through... But what if? Who knows. I hope someone streams it and multiple drones fly into the area for entertainment even though they will get shot down or EMP'd... The internet is really something!

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Throw your soul in the sky. Like a burning fireball. Hadouken. How do you do them? Didn't you hear friend? Hadouken. Fireball burning Like a soul in the sky.

New Transformers timelapse piece

Painted Megatron, Transformers G1 '85. If you like it like it for me. Subscribe if you want to see more Whose your fav Transformer? To be first to know when I stream follow Pe

Ode to Devastator

DEVASTATOR 1985 DEVASTATOR 2009 The sound of both had me on the edge of my seat as a kid and as an adult although the 2009 version of Devastator does seem clunky and stupid, shame they didn't relate t