Black Panther goes full Samurai

I thought I was late hearing about this but turns out our beloved king T'challa (Chadwick Boseman) is gonna be playing Yasuke in a coming feature movie based on the true story of Yasuke, a black slave who became apart of Oda Nobunaga's trusted samurai in the 15th century of feudal Japan.

As a big time fan and enthusiast of Japanese culture I know there are others around the world who will be jeering to see this feature film. Afro Samurai fans will definietly be looking forward to this as many who thought of black people being apart of Japanese culture just a fanboy dream, but who would of guessed that it actually happened and although the history on Yasuke has a few grey areas Im pretty sure the movie writers will make this an epic and not romanticize too much to make it some typical Hollywood vomit just for the money action movie. I have mad respect for this man and would be a shame to see this film turn out to be a piece of shite.

Yasuke with Nobunaga family (alleged photo) Nonetheless thats the skeptic in me being humble and not jumping the gun too much cos you know how some of these movies can go, but honestly, Im already starting to spaz out because Chadwick has a very high respect off the back of Avengers and Black Panther and I doubt there is any director on the planet who will go half ass with that man as their star role. This should be very VERY epic! I only found out about Yasuke as I was surfing around watching some documentries about ninjas, so you know how the Youtube algorithm works. I saw "Yasuke The black samurai" and was more than obliged to click! This is the video I saw:

ANNND just when you (I) thought you were already spazzing out in geekdom... Ol' Netflix have got a Yasuke series in the pipeline... Yasuke will be voiced by Lakeith Stanfield!!!! AND THE SCORE WILL BE MADE ENTIRELY BY THE MAN HIMSELF...

F L Y I N G L O T U S !!!!!

WHatttt?!?!?!?!? *seizures*

Lakeith Stanford

Flying Lotus

I cant even imagine what crazy sounds Flying Lotus is thinking of in the lab. I wonder if The Rza is gonna have some input in this with Flylo, but Im sure he knows about this and is as excited as us... (me). Im gonna stay posted on the comings and goings of this new series and movie so watch this space.

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