I watch things like this to rejuvenate and remind myself of the past. This stands as a staple in my life that I only heard bits and pieces of growing up. the 70s in USA for black America was a turning time that resonated across the globe to every black person who witnessed it. The Wattstax documentary is one of many highlights of black history that will stand the test of time for years to come. If you haven't seen it here you go. Enjoy. Features Richard Pryor, regular black folk just speaking their truths, and an event at a stadium which you could call a black Woodstock/Coachella Full of love and vibes. Nobody died, nobody got shot or stabbed. All were there for one reason... To be empowered with one another as a black people. *holds up fist*

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Throw your soul in the sky. Like a burning fireball. Hadouken. How do you do them? Didn't you hear friend? Hadouken. Fireball burning Like a soul in the sky.

New Transformers timelapse piece

Painted Megatron, Transformers G1 '85. If you like it like it for me. Subscribe if you want to see more Whose your fav Transformer? To be first to know when I stream follow Pe

Ode to Devastator

DEVASTATOR 1985 DEVASTATOR 2009 The sound of both had me on the edge of my seat as a kid and as an adult although the 2009 version of Devastator does seem clunky and stupid, shame they didn't relate t